Volunteering with APYO



The APYO is a fantastic way to connect with other young leaders with a similar passion and interest in regional affairs.

Being a part of our dynamic team equips young leaders with a deeper and more practical understanding of topical issues within the Asia-Pacific region. Our members come from a range of different backgrounds and include young professionals and university students.

Please note that the APYO gives a preference for young people based in Australia, Malaysia or Singapore, so if you are based in these regions, please apply!

Applicants must be aged between 18–35 years of age at the time of application. All positions are voluntary.


Policy Lab Officer


APYO is currently recruiting staff for our Policy Lab program

We are currently seeking staff with academic and/or professional experience in the following areas:

  • Policy/Research/Curriculum Design

  • Media/Design/Public Relations

  • Technology/Data

  • Operations/Event Management/Logistics


Candidates in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia are preferred.

Students must be in their 2nd year of their undergraduate or above.

Minimum availability: 6 hours per week.


position Description

A full position description for the Policy Lab Officer role is available here.


Chief Communications Officer

Job overview

The CCO has responsibility for curating and implementing APYO’s brand and external communications strategies. This includes APYO’s visual aesthetic and the communication of its organisational identity. The CCO leads a team that manages the organisation’s website and social media accounts, supporting the effective communication of APYO programs and activities to external stakeholders. They will also have an appreciation for professional design aesthetics, as part of their role will involve oversight of graphical design. The CCO also has the ability to make significant contributions to the strategic direction of the organisation as a whole, through their membership of the Executive team.   

position Description

A full position description for the CCO role is available here

Head of Curriculum

Job overview

The Head of Curriculum will be responsible for the development, delivery and quality of the curriculum of the APYO's various programs. As a critical member of the executive team, you will have input into the organisations strategy and decision making. The curriculum refers to the journey (including skills, knowledge, outputs, networks and experiences) we take stakeholders through during our programs. The position is therefore at the forefront of how the APYO engages and impacts our stakeholders. 

position Description

A full position description for the CCO role is available here

Chief Data Officer

Job overview

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) will be pivotal in ensuring the overall success of the Policy Lab program. Working primarily on phase one of the program, the CDO will lead the data team to collect, interpret and disseminate data related to the Policy Lab and other programs led by the APYO. As a critical member of the APYO leadership team, you will be essential in ensuring that our programs are data driven and deliver meaningful impact to end users. 

position Description

A full position description for the CCO role is available here

Chief Executive Officer

Job overview

The CEO will be responsible for the planning and execution of all of APYO’s programs. For 2019, our focus will be on (I) end-to-end execution of our Policy Lab program and (II) planning, building partnerships and piloting a new Community Membership Program (CMP) in Melbourne, Victoria.

 The CEO is an ex officio of the Board and has some responsibility over strategic planning and the long term direction of the organisation. The role oversees the whole team, playing a key quality assurance role while also stepping into manpower gaps across different moments to ensure the organisation’s objectives are met. 

We are looking for someone that has the time/capacity, ambition, strong communication and leadership skills and attention to detail to help unlock APYO’s potential. The successful applicant will need to be able to multitask, support work across diverse operations areas (Public relations, financial planning) and drive innovation and excellence at the APYO. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until Feb-2019 but may close earlier if a suitable candidate is identified.

position Description

A full position description for the CEO role is available here

Applying for a position at APYO is easy. Simply send an email to j.xia@apyo.org which includes:

  • A copy of your CV

  • A cover letter, explaining your interest in the nominated position and your suitability for the role

 Be sure to include your name and the position for which you are applying in the subject line.