We’ve leveraged out 8 years of experience in delivering programs for young professionals to design a program that meets your needs and has the ability to deliver meaningful social impact. We understand that in today’s job market, we’re all looking for an edge, and whilst we know scoring your dream job is high in your priority list, we also know you want to help make the planet a better place.

The Policy Lab combines both the need to up-skills for the job market with our desire to contribute to society.



Practical policy experience

The program is designed enable you and your peers to co-develop real solutions that can be implemented by a Malaysian government agency. At the end of the program you’ll be able to point recruiters and interviews to direct exposure to policy making.

If you're currently in the workforce, you'll develop a better understanding of emerging policy issues & international best practice, network with Malaysian policymakers and gain a firsthand understanding of policy co-development.


Exposure to emerging policy topics

Our curriculum will cover a range of emerging socioeconomic issues related to youth unemployment. You will learn about topics that are front and centre of economic policymaking and business management like lifelong learning, future of work and fourth industrial revolution.

You’ll be guided through the topics by academics, corporate leaders and government officials engaged in these topics in Malaysia and across the region.


Social Impact

Our partnership with a government agency is means that policy lab recommendations will be directly put to decision makers. APYO will be working closely with the bureaucracy, political leaders to push for implementation of lab ideas.

In the post-lab period you will be able to see how your ideas and those of your peers have shaped government policy aimed at tackling youth unemployment, potentially improving the lives of tens of thousands of Malaysian graduates.