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Policy Lab Overview

Anchored in our belief in substantial community involvement in policy making (co-creation), the APYO Policy Labs are designed to be a platform where governments and young people can together tackle policy issues that most affect youth voters.

A policy lab is a practical program that works to bring a diverse group of people together in order to tackle a problem or overarching question. Participants will spend 5 days collaborating, learning, networking and co-designing solutions to policy challenges currently facing governments in the APAC region. 

One of the outstanding features of the Policy Lab is its practical focus. This will be achieved through a close partnership the APYO has forged with a high profile Malaysian government agency tasked with tackling youth unemployment. This agency has an important mandate and has helped tens of thousands of disadvantaged Malaysian youth find placements and develop skills to start their careers.

We expect to deliver the Policy Lab in Malaysia in 2019. The Policy Lab will be centered on the issue of youth unemployment in Malaysia, but it will also look at broader economic and social trends shaping this issue.

what will You be doing?

Over 5 days, you will be participating in a practical and highly engaging program designed to develop and apply policy skills. You’ll attend workshops and work collaboratively to develop solutions for our partner agency.

To do this, you will have access to both data we will collect on our end users and to a community of people committed to tackling youth unemployment. We expect this community will include local and international young professionals, end-users (graduates & employers), government officials and academics.