Policy co-creation in a practical and inclusive way.


How can young people tackle 21st century problems?

Anchored in our belief in substantial community involvement in policymaking (co-creation), the APYO Policy Labs are designed to be a platform where governments and young people can together tackle policy issues that most affect youth voters. By transforming students and young professionals into active partners in the policy process, governments will have the legitimacy and input necessary to take on issues that will shape their generation's reality. These include issues such as youth unemployment, automation & the future of work, the "gig" and sharing economies, AI and the fourth industrial revolution.

Labs are tailored to the individual issue and private and pubic sector partners involved but roughly follow the Google Sprint model. Labs tend to focus on policy implementation and leverage data, technology and other innovative facilitation methods to provide governments with practical recommendations for reform.

APYO's first policy lab is scheduled to be launched in Malaysia in 2018 and will focus on the issue of youth unemployment.

For more information on the upcoming lab, partnerships, or to get involved please email: c.guimaraes@apyo.org.